The difference between white noise, pink noise and noise masking

There's a fair chance you've heard of white noise before. You may have already read about how it can help you sleep, think and concentrate better, by masking unwanted sounds around you. And if you got a little curious about white noise, you've probably also heard of pink noise. You've been looking for ways to improve speech integrity and reduce disruptive interference in your office? Then you may already know about sound masking as a treatment for tinnitus.

In fact, many people use the terms white noise, pink noise, and noise masking interchangeably. And while referring to how such particular sounds do a good job of drowning out unwanted sensory stimuli, it's easy to assume that all colored noises, white/pink/brown noise generators, sound machines and sound masking systems are the same. However, they are not the same thing at all.
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