Tinearity G1

Tinearity G1 is a prescribed medical device and one of many options for people suffering from tinnitus. Speak to you doctor or audiologist about the best treatment for you. Tinearity G1 has received FDA 510(k)-clearance.

Tinearity G1 represents a breakthrough in the management of tinnitus, serving as a prescribed medical device that offers effective relief for individuals struggling with this condition. It stands as a leading option among a range of available treatments, showcasing its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions for those affected by tinnitus. For personalized guidance on the most suitable treatment for your specific needs, we strongly advise consulting with your trusted healthcare professional, be it your doctor or audiologist. By initiating this conversation, you can explore how Tinearity G1 can contribute to enhancing your overall auditory well-being and potentially alleviate the challenges associated with tinnitus. Notably, Tinearity G1 has successfully attained FDA 510(k) clearance, further solidifying its credibility and safety within the medical device landscape.


At Duearity, we understand how impactful tinnitus can be on individuals' quality of life. We have found an innovative and effective solution for managing tinnitus. Our product, Tinearity G1, is specially designed for individuals with normal hearing to mild hearing impairment and aims to restore quality of life to those who use the product. With a focus on advanced technology and personalized solutions, we strive to make a positive difference for those living with tinnitus.