What does tinnitus sound like?

Tinnitus can sound in lots of different ways but one of the most common is a whistling sound. Here is a common example.

Understanding Tinnitus: What Does it Sound Like?

Tinnitus presents in various ways, with one of the most common descriptions being a whistling noise. However, it's crucial to recognize the diverse nature of tinnitus sounds, as they differ among individuals. While audio examples can offer a glimpse into tinnitus, it's important to note that they serve as approximations rather than exact representations of what everyone hears. Tinnitus sounds vary person-to-person and may even change for the same individual over time.

Varieties of Tinnitus Sounds

Tinnitus manifests uniquely for each person, heard in one ear, both ears, or within the head. These phantom noises come in forms such as ringing, buzzing, rumbling, whistling, humming, clicking, hissing, or howling. The noise can vary in volume from soft to loud and in pitch from low to high. It might occur intermittently or persistently, fluctuating in its presence.

Here are some examples of how individuals describe their experiences with tinnitus:

It's essential to note that these descriptions are subjective and may vary greatly among individuals, both in intensity and nature. Additionally, an individual's perception of tinnitus might change over time.

Understanding Tinnitus Frequencies

Tinnitus has varying frequencies, representing the pitch or tone height of the sound. Frequency is measured in hertz (Hz), denoting the number of oscillations per second. Identifying one's tinnitus frequency often involves tinnitus matching, comparing the perceived tone to an external sound with a known frequency using tools like an audiometer or online resources.

Frequencies can range widely, from a few hundred Hz to over 20,000 Hz. Most people tend to experience tinnitus in the higher frequency range, typically between 3000 and 8000 Hz. However, some may perceive it in the lower frequency spectrum, below 1000 Hz. It's also possible to hear multiple tones with different frequencies simultaneously.

Innovative Tinnitus Treatment by Duearity

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