About us

Duearity is a Swedish innovative medical technology company with a vision to create products that make a positive difference for people suffering or bothered by tinnitus. Our first product is called Tinearity G1.

Tinearity G1 has its roots in founder Peter Arndt's personal experiences of suffering from tinnitus. After undergoing TRT treatment with CBT therapy and listening to "white noise" for many hours every day, Peter realized that the treatment needed to be improved to integrate more smoothly into everyday life.

With his experience in product development within medical technology and his role as CEO and co-owner of a product development company, Peter drove the idea of ​​developing an innovative and flexible tinnitus aid that emits white noise. The idea led to the product Tinearity G1.

With a focus on sustainability, health, and quality of life, the goal is to make life better for those who suffer or are bothered by tinnitus by offering a technical solution that makes a difference.