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Timeline Tinearity

The idea for Tinearity came about after Peter had tinnitus for a number of years and underwent a TRT treatment that was successful but difficult.


The prestudy begins with a review of existing solutions and analysis of needs and challenges in being treated with earplugs.


A concept is developed, where the possibility of applying for a patent is investigated in order to be able to turn the idea into a physical product.


The company is founded and a team of experts with extensive experience is put together to produce a proof of concept and prototypes. The patent application is filed.


Tests and documentation are initiated followed by verification and validation. Pre-sale begins. Product is classified with CE marking and is MedTech classified. In December 2021, Tinearity is ready to go into production.


The first commercial products are ready and sent to people in Europe who suffer from tinnitus and can then start their TRT treatment.