TinearityTM G1

Tinearity G1 is the world’s first and smallest medical device made solely for the treatment and alleviation of tinnitus – anytime, anywhere. Developed and designed by experts in medical development and industrial design, Tinearity G1 is made to relieve your tinnitus on your terms.

What is included in the box?

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The Tinearity G1 starter kit consists of a sound component, adapters for 1 month use and a charger. You can also buy the starter kit and additional adapters for 3 months usage in all.

Included in the box

Tinearity G1

+ Adapters x 3

Tinearity G1

Adapters for 1 month daily usage

These are used to keep the sound component in place behind the ear. The adapters are Medtech classified as well as dermatologically tested.

Two sound components

The sound components generates white noise via the skull bone. Attach them to the adapters and place behind the ears.

Charging plate with cable for easy charging

Additional adapters for 3 months usage

+ Adapters x 3

Additional adapters for 3 months usage

How Tinearity G1 works 

Tinearity G1 consists of a small sound component that is to be attached to the adapter and placed behind the ear. The sound component generates white noise directly into the ear via the skull bone, leaving the ear canal free.When undergoing TRT treatment, we recommend that symptoms are treated with white noise for 6–8 hours per day.

The battery in Tinearity G1 lasts up to 8 hours before needing to be recharged. Tinearity G1 consists of two sound components.


  • Battery life Up to 8 hours
  • Connectivity USB - USB C
  • Weight device 10 gr
  • Weight adapter 1.2 gr
  • IP Code IP22
  • Warranty 12 month limited warranty