Treat your tinnitus when ever, where ever you want

Tinearity G1

The Tinearity G1 consists of two small audio components that attach to adapters that are then attached behind the ears. Via the sound components, white noise is generated directly into the ears via the skull bone, leaving the ear canals free. In treatment, we recommend listening to white noise 6-8 hours per day for 6–24 months. The battery in the Tinearity G1 lasts up to 8 hours before it needs to be charged.

  • Tinearity G1 can be used for treatment of tinnitus (e.g. as the sound source within TRT) and partly as a masker to mask the tinnitus sound.
  • The fact that the ear canals are kept free also means that Tinerarity G1 can be used for a longer period without irritating the ear canal.
  • It is estimated that approximately 70-80 percent of those who suffer or are bothered from tinnitus are helped by TRT.


How to use Tinearity G1

Treat whenever you want

Whether you're asleep or in the office, you can use Tinearity G1 on your terms. When we use non-invasive bone conduction technology, the ear canal is always free and you hear sounds from the surroundings while not risking irritation in the ear canal.

Being able to use Tinearity G1 for longer periods without stress is the great advantage over many other products where you block the ear canal.