Our Story


One of Duearitys founders, Peter Arndt, has had tinnitus for a very long time and underwent TRT treatment in 2015-2016, which involved CBT training in combination with listening to white noise 8 hours per day for a period of 12 months. Peter found that white noise offered a considerable amount of positive relief, but found that the treatment constituted a major inconvenience in his everyday life. Earpieces could not be used during working hours, since the treatment needed to be uninterrupted, and my sleep was disturbed by having to sleep with them on for protracted lengths of time.

With his extensive experience in product development within the field of medical technology, Peter saw an opportunity to develop the world's smallest and most flexible tinnitus aid that emits white noise. As Managing Director and partner in a product development company, Peter had the means to set up a group of experts in the field of medical product development, which now is developing Tinearity G1.

In Jan 2023, we received that our device is CE-labelled, ready for production and delivery to people all over Europe who want to treat and alleviate tinnitus with white noise.

The company name Duearity consists of the words duo and ear, you and your ear. Our goal is for you and our solution to master your tinnitus together.


To give people with tinnitus hope and enjoy a normal life.


To overwin tinnitus.

Tinearity G1 development

Developing Tinearity G1