Stress resulted in severe tinnitus for Anna

In the magazine Kollega, we find an article about how stress and exhaustion resulted in severe tinnitus for Anna, which then also led to a sick leave.

Our relationship with the work environment we work in has a greater effect on us than we think. More and more people are being negatively affected by the stress that exists within our work culture and together with sound environments that are no longer sustainable, the result can lead to severe tinnitus. In the link below, we meet Anna, who was affected by this very thing, and in the article written by Colleague, we hear her story about how she managed to come back.



We want to change and improve!

We strive to improve the quality of life for people with
tinnitus and give them the opportunity to enjoy life again. Therefore, we have taken
develop a medical device that can be used when it suits it
individual person best, as tinnitus can vary greatly from person to person
to person in terms of treatment and relief.

You can read more about the treatment by clicking here: Treatment with Tinearity G1 Please get in touch if you want to know more about how we at Duearity treat tinnitus: info@duearity.com

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