Fredrik Svensson

Already on day one when I turned on the audio device, I felt an improvement immediately.

After suffering from tinnitus for 12 years and having tried many different treatments without success, Fredrik Svensson decided to test Tinearity G1. He noticed an improvement already after the first day and now has hope that the product will improve his quality of life. Read more about Fredrik's treatment and see the full interview about how easy it is to treat your tinnitus with Tinearity.

Tinnitus is a symptom that affects many people and can have a negative effect on quality of life. Having constant ringing or high-pitched sounds in the ears can be difficult to deal with, especially if it goes on for a long time. Thanks to Tinearity G1, Fredrik Svenssons has managed to find a solution to his tinnitus and with the hope that it will get better after the treatment period.


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Fredrik believes that his tinnitus arose from working in noisy environments without hearing protection. One of the biggest problems with his tinnitus is when it is quiet around him, especially in the evenings and nights when it can make it difficult to sleep. But after trying many different treatments without success, Fredrik decided to try Tinearity G1.

After just one day with Tinearity, Fredrik noticed an improvement. He found that his tinnitus decreased and that he only heard a humming sound from the device. The most inspiring thing about Fredrik's story is that the audio device did not bother him, and he could even forget that he was wearing it at times.

Fredrik is grateful that Tinearity has come on the market because his tinnitus has gotten worse in recent years. He has hope that Tinearity will improve his life and although he may not be able to completely get rid of his tinnitus, he can still have a better quality of life.

Here you can see the entire interview with Fredrik and how easy it is to treat yourself with Tinearity G1.