Tinnitus testimonial


I feel that it has reduced the intensity of my tinnitus.

What has Tinearity done for you, Liselotte?

I find it has reduced the intensity of my tinnitus, I have been having these ghost sounds there will be a tinnitus tone here and then a tinnitus tone there. I think it has actually calmed it down, so instead of having spikes if you know what I mean, it´s like this (showing as a straight line) and I don't know if it's permanent or because this varies right? But if it is as a consequence of Tinearity, then it is fantastic.
So it has... well, it has alleviated.

Do you want to treat your tinnitus today?

Why should someone treat their tinnitus with Tinearity?

Yes, you don't need that if you don't find it disturbing, if you don't suffer from it, then you don't need to do anything about it. But if it feels like it's a stress factor, I'd say so
Why not? And the problem with stress factors like this is that you eventually adapt, it becomes the norm, that you have it that way. So it's only when you get over it and get rid of it, when it gets better that you notice that it was actually a stress factor. And I think about that when I sleep so well, that I understand that this has been there and somehow stressed the body in some way, that it won't be quiet when you go to bed.
And as that stress level drops, the body can relax in a different way.

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