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Treating tinnitus in everyday life

Living and treating your tinnitus in your everyday life is full of challenges. The treatment method called TRT (tinnitus retraining therapy) is a combination of listening to white noise constantly without interruption for 6-8 hours per day for a period of 6 – 24 months and at the same time attending CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

That treatment method is scientifically proven to have a positive effect against tinnitus in up to 80% of its users. Despite this fact, few doctors prescribe it, let alone know about it, at least in Sweden. The picture in Europe looks a little different from country to country, but in general it is not directly universally prescribed.

The reason for that is that it is precisely difficult to access the sound source of white noise in an effective way without affecting normal everyday life. It is one of the main reasons why the product Tinearity G1 has been developed and it is launched in Europe as a CE-marked medtech-classified product.

treating tinnitus in everyday life

The product can be used whenever, wherever, and the picture for this text describes a completely normal everyday environment where you can effectively treat yourself, but still enjoy nature and the company you spend time with.

In other words, there is hope for a better everyday life for the many of you who suffer from bothersome tinnitus and also support in the research that it has a positive long-term effect.

You can read more about the treatment by clicking here: Treatment with Tinearity G1 Please get in touch if you want to know more about how we at Duearity treat tinnitus: info@duearity.com

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