Tinearity G1 has saved my nights!

Tinnitus is often the result of prolonged exposure to high levels of noise, and Johan was no exception. At a young age, he began experiencing the constant "ringing" in his head due to excessive music listening. Over the years, his condition worsened, and three years ago, it reached a level where it became almost unbearable. Some days, he couldn't focus on anything other than the constant sound.

Tinnitus is a challenge that is difficult to understand if you haven't experienced it yourself. Johan describes it as a "ringing tone" in the head that disrupts every aspect of life, from trying to sleep to attempting clear thinking during the day.

He has tried to convey how unpleasant it is to others by simulating the sound with a computer, but the actual sound is even more complex than any simulation can replicate. Tinnitus often varies in pitch and intensity, making it difficult to describe exactly how it is experienced.

But Johan has found some relief through the use of Tinearity G1. He especially noticed that it helped him sleep, which is a huge victory for someone who has had a "ringing day." Having something that helps the brain relax and filter out the noise is a significant improvement in his quality of life.

He shares that it is easy to use, comfortable to wear, and not irritating in any way. On nights when the surroundings are quiet, Tinearity G1 helps him fall asleep peacefully, which is priceless.

So, what is the difference between sleeping with and without Tinearity G1? Johan describes that sleeping without it means just listening to the constant ringing, while using the device gives him a sense of peace. He even calls it "a friend."

Although Johan has not used Tinearity G1 for a long time or with great regularity, he has noticed that even after turning off the device, he feels better for several hours. This suggests that Tinearity G1 has a positive impact on his tinnitus.

We want to thank Johan for sharing his story with us. It is examples like these that drive us to continue our mission to help people suffering from tinnitus. If you, like Johan, are facing this challenge, it may be worth exploring Tinearity G1 as a potential support for a better quality of life.

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