How to Buy Tinearity G1

This is how you purchase Tinearity G1:

  1. Tinearity G1 is only available through an Audiologist, this is to ensure that it’s appropriate for your type of tinnitus and that it can provide the expected benefit.
  2. Book an appointment at a clinic. Locate one nearby using our >>clinic finder tool. If there is not a clinic close to you please email and we can advise you.
  3. The audiologist or doctor at the clinic will customise a treatment plan for you.
  4. If Tinearity G1 is suitable for your individual tinnitus, the clinic will define a treatment plan and offer you a trial of the system, before you need to make any commitment.


Why You Should Purchase Tinearity

Take control over your Tinnitus today and talk to a clinic near you. Use our >> clinic finder here.