Att bli lycklig med tinnitus

So Liselotta won the fight against her tinntius

Liselotte Löfgren had tinnitus, a sound that was heard in her right ear and affected her life. She avoided muddy environments and used earplugs to block out the sound, but it didn't help. It went so far that she couldn't even put her 9-year-old son to bed because it was too quiet in the room. Rescue came when the ear specialist referred her to specialist physiotherapist Helena Löwen-Åberg.

In an article written by tidningenhälsa.se, we get to meet Liselotta Löfgren where she talks about her fight against tinnitus. Just like a lot of people, you don't really know what it is at first without feeling more discomfort inside.

- In social situations I was there, but I wasn't present because I couldn't concentrate. The clatter in the kitchen was very annoying and I also didn't hear what anyone in the next room was saying. Just watching TV was very difficult, she tells journalist Jessica Devert.

When she found out that it was tinnitus, her journey towards taking control of it began and salvation came when she was referred to specialist physiotherapist Helena Löwen-Åberg.

- She explained the anatomy of the ear and what tinnitus is and she said it would be fine again. And faith can move mountains, so I believed her. She also said that I could not remove the sounds, but that I would expose myself to them.

You can read the entire article by clicking here.

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