CBT and Tinnitus

What motivates tinnitus patients to continue with IKBT

In one study, it was investigated what motivates tinnitus patients to continue with Internet-based CBT. The essence of CBT is for the patient to distinguish the tinnitus sound from the tinnitus symptoms. What the patient does and thinks affects how he feels, which in turn affects how the patient is bothered by tinnitus. The idea is that the tinnitus experience can then change even if the tinnitus sound itself does not.

In the post, Per Carlberg, who is one of the researchers for the study, writes that:

"However, many sufferers of tinnitus are hesitant to seek psychological help, because they see the problems as physical and not psychological. Some studies have also shown problems with dropping out of treatment. Therefore, we wanted to look more closely at what can motivate people who suffer of tinnitus to seek psychological help and to complete treatment.

In the current study, 112 patients in Germany were asked to answer a form with open questions about treatment motivation and expectations. These answers was analyzed qualitatively to produce categories with factors that were motivating for starting or continuing the treatment."

Very interesting insights that you can read further in the SOURCE link below.

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