Review of Tinnitus Device Tinearity by Niklas Lundgren

This worst beeping sound disappears more or less immediately when you start the treatment.

Hi Niklas, could you tell us a bit about how you got your tinnitus?

I guess I got my tinnitus by being exposed to high noise levels but i can´t say if it was because i were at too many concerts or if It´s because of work. I have been in production environments for many years and perhaps I have not been as careful of my hearing as i should have been.

But it has been external factors that have created it.

How does this affect your everyday life?

The tinnitus affects me a lot in everyday life because it makes you more tired. You become more ... what can I say? Easily irritated.

It takes a bit of a toll on you so that the tinnitus is something you've wanted to do something about, but I didn't know how before.

How does this affect your family?

The tinnitus affects my family indirectly in that I don't feel as happy or as energetic as I want to, take part in loud events, sometimes you almost feel like you need to rest and put on earplugs just to get away from this.

How has your treatment with Tinearity been?

The treatment has been very simple. I have not seen it as a treatment according to traditional means because you do it yourself. You do it in your own time, in peace and quiet. It is very easy with these patches and sound generators to start the treatment and I have chosen to do it when I go to bed. Partly to get some extra peace and quiet when I go to sleep, but also so that you are not disturbed at work. We have to wear earmuffs and helmets and stuff at my job sometimes so it's a very flexible way to be able to do it on your own terms.

What effect have you experienced?

The direct effect of using Tinearity has been that this worst beeping sound disappears more or less immediately when you run the treatment.

You adapt the sound level to your own tinnitus, to your level and that has meant that I have been able to sleep much better and when you sleep much better then you can cope with all the challenges that the day has in front of you.

What is the best thing about Tinearity?

I think the best thing about Tinearity is the size and form factor, that it is so easy to do yourself. You could have used inear headphones or something else, but it was so easy to be able to do this without it affecting anything else and they are actually very comfortable to sleep with, so it has worked just fine.

Many thanks for your time Niklas, and we look forward to following your journey during the treatment.

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