Tinnitus - Phantom Noise in Your Ears

Tinnitus in America

Phantom ringing, buzzing, whooshing, snaps and/or pops;  this is tinnitus - and you are not alone. It's estimated 15% of the US population experiences tinnitus noises.

In fact, 2 million Americans suffer from severe and bothersome tinnitus, which negatively impacts their daily life.

Tinnitus treatment pathways exist and Duearity wants to help mask and treat your unique tinnitus symptoms.

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Living with tinnitus

In 2015, Duearity's visionary founder Peter Arndt suffered from tinnitus symptoms and participated in Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT). His TRT protocol included listening to white noise 8 hours per day over 12 months. Although white noise provided Peter considerable relief, the treatment protocol proved a major inconvenience to his work, sleep, and everyday life.

Peter desired a flexible tinnitus device capable of delivering discreet and portable white noise without irritating his ear canal: none existed. Peter's extensive product development expertise and entrepreneurial spirit provided an opportunity.

Peter leveraged his position as Managing Director and partner in a product development company to assemble a group of experts, which resulted in the development, testing, and release of the Tinearity G1 tinnitus masking and treatment device.

Tinearity G1

The Tinearity G1 received CE-certification in January 2023 and FDA-clearance in June 2023. The Tinearity G1 is available NOW and is being delivered globally to patients and clinicians who desire to alleviate tinnitus symptoms via white noise.

The name Duearity consists of the words "duo and ear", "you and your ear". Duearity is a tinnitus company focused on providing unique solutions to tinnitus symptoms; whenever and wherever the patient desires.

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