Tinnitus and harmony

Tinnitus and acceptance: effects on tinnitus distress and quality of life

How can acceptance help you understand your tinnitus and how is it connected to your quality of life? We have found a study written by Vendala Westin where she examines the connection.

The study was written by Vendela Westin and she explains the purpose of the work as follows:

“This essay is divided into two sub-studies where the purpose of sub-study one was to
develop a tinnitus-specific self-assessment form for acceptance, as well as
examine its psychometric properties, norms and factor structure.

The aim of part study two was to investigate the predictive value among tinnitus patients
of acceptance regarding later tinnitus complaints and quality of life, when one
controls for depression and anxiety. This when acceptance in a series of studies has been shown
itself to be related to a number of measures of quality of life, psychopathology, stress, pain,
job performance and negative affectivity"

It is a broad study and perfect for the one that we know more about the connection between tinnitus and acceptance.

You can read the study by clicking here

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