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Why it is so hard to find a cure for Tinnitus

Despite tinnitus being such a common symptom, there are unfortunately unusually few treatment options and those that are available aim to reduce the impact rather than specifically address the root cause of the tinnitus.

In particular, there is no drug that is specifically recommended for the management of tinnitus. While some of the currently available interventions are effective in improving quality of life and reducing tinnitus-associated psychological distress, most show little if any effect on the primary symptom of subjective tinnitus loudness.

Studies of tinnitus services have shown significant end-user dissatisfaction and a clear link between caregivers' and tinnitus patients' goals: patients want their tinnitus loudness reduced and would prefer a pharmacological solution to other methods. Several studies have shown that tinnitus imposes a significant financial burden on healthcare systems and an even greater economic impact on society as a whole.

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We want to change and improve!

We at Duearity want to improve the quality of life for people who suffer from tinnitus and give them hope and opportunities to enjoy life. That is why we have created a medical device that can be used at any time of the day, as tinnitus can vary greatly from person to person when it applies to treatment and relief times.

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